The New Year

So as we have been in 2021 for 30 days now how does it truly feel. In 2020 a couple of key things that affected us as a society. In March we were hit with this pandemic that just supposedly came out of nowhere. This put a lot of people at risk as well as scaring a whole lot of people and, not to mention the death toll that has been off the charts. We also encountered the election that was just a big ole spiral of non-stop crazy that we had deal with in the media and all around. Or summer vacations as well as holidays were very different in 2020 for some people and our going out period changed in so many ways and levels. Isolation was something that was just thrown upon us and we started doing things that we never thought we would be doing. Some people creative energy began to flow while others just simply complained about being indoors. Let’s not forget our resilient efforts to be teachers because I know for me that was very stressful and boy did some of us learn that our kids are bad.

Let us not forget about all the people that we lost who had great impacts on the world. The strong fearless, intelligent and upstanding individuals that have touched our lives in one way or another. All the stories that mad us laugh and cry sometimes at the same time that have touched us throughout the year. More then anything let us not forget about the Tic Tok videos that kept us sane in these world wind times. It truly has been a year of remembrance for so many things but out of it all somehow we pulled it together. As 2021 is upon us lets remember we can survive anything and we are much stronger working together. Let’s stay safe and healthy and continue to pray and provide a service for those who need help a little bit of anything is more then nothing at all.

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