Why are people afraid of Life Insurance

I’ve been having this non stop thought about this subject for a while now and I figured it was time to write about it. This is especially so because of the gomefund pages I’ve seen that people post. That right there just amazes me. I must say though I didn’t really learn about life insurance until I joined the Army. That was my first encounter with it other then that I had never heard of anyone I knew talking about it.

To me that is just crazy especially thinking how important it is to have life insurance. It makes you wonder why someone wouldn’t want to have such a benefit in there lives. It makes you realize that a lot of people don’t truly know the value of life insurance. Let’s start there why is life insurance so valuable to someone. Well of course when you think about value money is always connected to it. Some people want to make sure that their funeral is paid for through that life insurance.

Then you have some people that want to make sure that their loved ones don’t have any debt on there behalf. Such things as credit cards, loans, car payments and even an mortgage. While others just want to make sure that there loved ones are financially able to take care of themselves and family. Life insurance gives you the comfort that this is one less thing to worry about during this time of grief.

Isn’t that something everyone would want and need in there life. I know it is something that I would want. So were does that fear come from. I guess it’s a fear of not knowing the benefits of it. But being from Brooklyn New York I know that money plays a big factor in it as well as people just sometimes don’t think about it until it’s to late. Then you have most people who believe they can’t afford it or it’s just an expense that they don’t need.

If you do the math you can afford life insurance for the amount of money you spend every month getting your hair or nails done. For that factor you probably drink or eat out more then life insurance costs. When it comes down to it people just misplace their needs for wants. But then feel it’s ok to ask for a hand out. Why leave that responsibility up to other people when it’s yours. We need to encourage people to get life insurance and the benefits for having it needs to be understood.

Calculate the importance of your life.

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