Mental Health Awareness Month in May 2019

It’s mental health awareness month and what better way then to talk about some different issues that people encounter. There are many people who are still afraid and scared about having mental health conditions even though mental health has been making a mark in society these days. The fear is something that captures everyone and it’s not like talking about the latest dance, music or sports. This is a serious issue and it affects so many people. We just have to get better at talking about it and being more supportive of those that are going through it.

There are 1 and 5 American adults that will have a diagnosable mental health conditions each given year. This is something that we need to talk about and continue to talk about. Let your friends, family and co-workers know that they can talk about it and there are places to go to get the help that they need. Always support a healthy mind and body it is important for you as well as others.




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